Davines Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow 300ml


Heart of Glass Instant Bonding glow by Davines is your instant treatment for shinier, stronger, softer blonde hair.

This treatment product moisturises our hair instantly without any added weight. Its alcohol-free formula makes it the perfect companion for bleached and toned blondes, but its effectiveness has been proven on all types of blonde hair, whether treated or natural.


Intense Shine: Experience a brilliant, mirror-like shine that will turn heads wherever you go.  

Strengthens and Protects: The advanced formula strengthens your hair from within, providing a shield against damage.

Instant Bonding: Enjoy the instant bonding action that works to fortify your hair's structure, leaving it resilient and healthy.

Nourishing Care: This product deeply moisturises and nourishes your hair, resulting in a soft and silky texture.  Perfect for Blondes seeking a lustrous, eye-catching shine.  Those with fragile hair need extra strength and protection.  Anyone desiring a quick and effective hair care solution.

How does it work?  Davines Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology and carefully selected ingredients.  It works by deeply penetrating the hair strands, repairing damage and reinforcing the hairs natural structure.  The instant action creates a protective shield around each strand, minimising breakage and promoting overall hair health.

Results:  With regular use, expect to see a remarkable transformation in your hair.  Experience a radiant, head-turning shine that enhances your blonde locks.  Feel the strength and resilience of your hair as it becomes more resistant to damage.  Enjoy the touchable softness and enviable manageability that comes with nourished and cared-for locks.